What is this site and what can you expect.

First off let me welcome you guys to the site! I'm extremely excited to finally share it with you guys seeing as I'v been busting my ass on this thing since July. So lets get into what we're all here to talk about, what is this site? The Artist Block is going to not only be the home for all my content but it's also going to be a place 100% dedicated to showcasing the art from people in the community. I will also be doing some tutorials that won't be posted anywhere else but here (such as the Veronika speed painting tutorial). The whole goal is to help you guys not only get better at fine art as well as graffiti but to also help get your art out there. I also would love to get some artists I'm a fan of to do some tutorials for you guys as well so you're not just learning from me, but that will be down the road. I would also love to have you guys selling work on the site as well but as of now I can't, we're going 1 step at a time. Right now this whole site, The Artist Block movement is still in its early stages but I'm going to be building it and making it better as time goes on. This thing we all love is hard to make into a living, it's an extremely difficult industry to get into and I want to make that easier through this site.  So if you would like, stay active on the site, network with others and keep submitting your art and over time this will become huge!