Ok so for the past 2 or 3 weeks I haven't been able to paint at all due to the fact that I was recording and editing for those few weeks. This means I haven't made enough progress for a W.W video and I don't have a video for The Bench. So heres the plan, tomorrow (2/25/15) I will post a speed painting for a new sticker release. I'm going to be sketching something up to prepare for a live stream. That should happen later on in the week. Then we should be back on schedule after that with a new W.W, QandA, as well as The Bench. I'v been trying to stay onto of videos for you guys and it's been going well but gotta say juggling all this isn't easy. Can't wait till I can hire an editor lol.  Till then let's have a look at some sketches I'v been working on. 

Here is a new organic style I'v been messing with. I wanted to take a look inside of the letter so I decided to rip chunks out of the letter to expose the inside of it.  This is just a concept sketch and I'm not done with it yet but I want to add some boils for extra form, shadows, and textures to help the organic look that also ties into the webbed look on the lower left of the G.

These three sketches are all part of the same image just drawn separately. The one with Grim drinking says FUCKED UP under him as he leans on the F and this was me just testing out another idea but he should be leaning on the table they're all eating at. The idea was to have one of the characters eating something absolutely disgusting (cyclops was supposed to be the one eating) Then Veronika was going to be looking like OH SHIT  as she begins to cheer cyclops on completely forgetting about her burrito. Grim was going to be looking over Veronica as if he could believe what he was seeing  then ????? Was going to be asleep because thats just how he is lol. Well I ended up not liking how cyclops looked, and Grim also just didn't fit the image. I decided to bring this closer to home and make Grim the one drinking getting absolutely hammered. Now Veronika would be hearing Grim on because I almost never drink and when I do it does't take much to get me drunk. I then was going to have cyclops sleeping after eating his meal and ????? was going to be giving more drinks to Grim. Now it's a matter of figuring out placement and background if any. This might be a sticker so it might not need a background if it's die cut. 

Can you guess what story inspired this image? Hahaha hopefully this will be both a sticker and a shirt but I'm not sure yet.