So seeing as I have a bunch of people of all ages that watch these videos I have to be mindful of what I say as I don't wan't people getting in trouble. I remember I was caught one time while racking and damn did I get lucky! Well to be more specific, it was my friend who was racking and I had no idea he was. He went to the bathroom and left me with his coat that had some of the supplies in it and the manager confronted me about it. I was confused as hell because I had no idea but I ended up taking the blame for it all and luckily the guy let me walk away as long as I never went back in his store. By this time I had already stopped racking so I was taken back when the manager told me to take the supplies out of my pockets. "THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT", good thing I didn't make a scene because he could have screwed me over. Well my friend got away without a hitch, lucky ass! 

If you have any stories share them below!