Old school Graffiti Q and A


Q: The Elementz: What do you dislike most about your style/ artwork? Thanks for the videos, they're chill.

A: Thanks for watching! Well something that gets under my skin about my art is my oil paintings aren't half as realistic as my photoshop paintings and it all has to do with knowing the supplies. I have the skills to do it I don't have the knowledge to do it and thats what I dislike the most but hey, thats what practice is for right lol. 

Q:Aaron Caldwell: What's your best advice for a starter to the graffiti game?

A: Honestly, keep it simple. It's the answer no body wants to hear but it's the answer everyone needs to hear. I see thousands of new graffiti artists that jump straight to trying wild style without learning how to do a basic print font tag. I appreciate the ambition and I understand it's fun to do those wilder styles but you have to keep in mind that this is an art form and it takes years in any art form to hone your skills. Graffiti is no different. Keep it simple and start with basic tags, and basic pieces. No extensions, nothing fancy. Trust me you'll thank me later. 

Q: :Jonathan Staines: How long did it take for you to get good at graffiti? Such as learning good can control, colors that work well together etc. p.s love the show. 

A: Haha it trips me out knowing people even watch the show so thank you! The can control didn't take too too long but learning the other stuff like colors and other basics took some time. I was a toy for a solid 6 years or so. This goes back to the last question, but I was toy for so long because I kept avoiding practicing the basics and kept trying wild styles. Once I found my mentor he set me straight and made me do the basics and within the first year I was pretty much out of the toy phase as far as skills go. 

Q: Elijah Beatty: How did your mom or dad find out (if they did find out you graffiti) and when's and what is your next story about. 

A: Oooooo.... Lol well um, my mom found out I do graffiti because she would see my black book sketches and she caught me tagging some toy low key spots but she didn't think anything of it. She found out I did it illegally when the cops called her and told her to pick me up because I was arrested (first time). My dad found out when a few years later when I got arrested again and the cops called my mother. She decided screw that, I'm not picking him up, so she called my dad. That's how he found out. Trust me, worst way for your parents to find out is from the lips of a cop. Just tell your parents you do graffiti. 

Q:RageTech: Would you do art design for video games of you had the chance 

A: I WOULD LOVE TO! Especially if they let me over see and do the graffiti and street art for the game, that would be amazing! 

Q:Noah Boulton: 

Q1) Would it be a good idea to use a gopro while tagging at night?

Q2) what's your go-to brand of spray pain, aka your favorite to use?

Q3) How long did it take you to develop a good tag? If you get to these question it will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

A: Here is my piece of advice. If you record yourself committing any crime, be ready for it to bite you in the ass. If you photograph yourself doing any crime, be ready for it to be used against you when they confiscate it all. I'v seen writers have their pics used as evidence, and I'v seen writers get caught just because they took a video of themselves in the act. With that said, pics tend to be pretty harmless as long as you're not stupid about it.  

A2: I really love them all, but I like fresh paint the most. Not a sponsored promotions because they have sponsored me in the past but I genuinely love that brand. Plus James is a great guy and you have to support people like that. Wish him the best. 

A3: Tags were hard for me to grasp at first, so we are going to say about 8-9 years to get my hands down. Keep in mind I was a toy for the first 6 or so years due to trying to be fancy.

Q:Avet Yeghiazaryan : Can you grow your hair long?

A: No, I look horrible, like a dirty super saiyan lol. 

Q:  Homer Baily: Yo grim I got a question how do you come up with an idea for a graffiti character?

A: My cartoon characters are based off qualities of myself, or based off of an Idea to represent something. Like Veronika for example. She in part represents all females in the graffiti and street art game. She holds herself at a high respect, she isn't some wannabe half baked writer and she can hold her own, even out performing some of the guys in the cartoons. Point being she's a powerful female in the game that demands respect for her skills and thats something I feel every girl in the game should do. At the same time she represents how I view and feel about women in my life. Thats essentially how the characters are made 

Q: The Faju: What was high school like for you grim?

A: It was one hell of a ride is what it was. Definitely sucked haha. I mean the word bullying doesn't even come close to how it was. Constant fighting, threats from gang members and drug dealers (most didn't even go to the school),getting jumped, girl problems, girls ex boyfriend problems, getting arrested, probation, and so much more, hell even the teachers got in on the fun and would talk shit about me, tried to get me expelled and put in an insane asylum. It really sucked but hey you keep your head up high, stand tall, and fight through the bullshit, stay positive it gets better! 

P.s  Before someone asks I won't be telling most of these stories. Not everything needs to be out in the public. 

Q: First question: How has your style been constructed over the years seeing that you do both fine art and graffiti, how does it make your art different? Second question: On a scale from 1-10 whats your favorite color of the alphabet? :D

A: At first Id say my style was largely influenced by comic books, both graffiti and other arts seeing as that's what I was going to make a living doing. Then once I went to my mentors house I saw professional level oil paintings up close and I did figure drawing next to a professional and from that point on my style was changed dramatically. This guy taught me so  so much and made me realized how stupid of an artist I was. Once I was exposed to that, my style was largely influenced by figure drawings (my mentor and I did lots of that together) and other peoples oil paintings so really just fine art. Not only that but my style became influenced by simply trying to be a smarter artist, it became influenced by facts and information. That's had a huge impact on my graffiti especially.Lately I'v been applying volume, lighting and depth to my graffiti for a much more real look, trying to make it look like the letters are actual objects. 

Q: Gr 147: If you were a girl do you think you'd be pretty?

A: Oh hell ya! Are you kidding me my milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard lol! 

Thanks for all the questions guys! Feel free to leave more below!