Two Names In Graffiti

I get asked pretty often about names in graffiti. People have come to me with every reason and scenario for changing their names or getting a second name in graffiti and most of the time they want to change the name for the wrong reason. For example the name being to hard to do for them. This would have to be the number one reason for people changing their names and it also happens to be one of the worst reasons for  changing what it is you write. 

Now when you're just starting in graffiti you have to come into this knowing you're not going to be good. We all started there so don't worry but this means it doesn't matter what name you pick, they're all going to give you a hard time because you haven't yet learned the basics of graffiti, you haven't yet learned your name. The whole point behind graffiti is to get a name, then master it and put it out there. If you keep changing your name every time you run into problems then you'll never master one name. Every name has it's challenges.