Going to Puerto Rico! Updates and New Videos

So you sexy mo frackers, I'm going to Puerto Rico! I'll be in NJ tomorrow then on Friday I'll be going to P.R. This means the week of March 30th their won't be having our normal videos out. Instead I might put a special video next week when I get back to P.A. I also will probably be posting stuff from P.R on instagram if ya wanna check it out! The next W.W is going to have some huge progress too, I'm really looking to wrap up those videos for that canvas soon. Aside from that lets talk about some plans shall we! I heard your cries for more tutorials so here is a list of what I'll be working to bring you. 

What is art video (More like an open conversation sort of video)

Basic straight letter piecing tutorial 

How to draw or make a cartoon character

How draw faces

How to draw hands

Screw it, HOW TO DRAW EVERYTHING lol really depends on what you guys want.