I tried a few different poses with Veronika, Grim, and ????? as shown above. In the drawing to the left I had ????? fainting from the story Cyclops was telling, but this changed because I felt this didn't fit ?????'s off the wall and obscure personality and it also didn't translate well. When drawing cartoons or any character for that matter, it's important to keep their personality in mind. Think, what would they be doing in this situation, and try it illustrate that to really bring your characters to life. I felt in this situation Veronika would be grabbing Grim in fear, pulling him tightly close to her and squeezing him. I had both of her legs tightly tucker into her body to illustrate body language of comforting herself. This gesture of hers would force Grim's body to tense up and extend from the sudden force of her grasp. I scrapped this idea because Grim's expression didn't involve Cyclopses story and I felt it was too dependent on Veronika's gesture.

I decided to apply the tense extended leg to Veronika to show fear.This change for the leg also allows for better contrast with shadows and highlights. I also kept one foot tucked tightly to her body for comfort and I decided to emphasize this by having her tilt her foot inward. She's still grabbing Grim but now her left hand is visible on his arm. This allows me to give Grim a simple suspense, yet scared expression. 

Here are the sketches for Pum King and Cyclops! This is a Halloween based sticker so it wouldn't be complete if it didn't feature a special Halloween character! Seeing as this is Pum King's first feature I had to set the stage for what sort of personality he has. Seeing as he all about Halloween he's right at home when hearing ghost stories around a fire on a dark cold night in the middle of the woods. With that in mind I gave him a relaxed pose, chilling with one hand on his lap and a smile on his face.  

Cyclops was a fun one to design because he had to have a totally different pose than the rest of the party. I decided to have him smiling as he lets out a loud roar to give the feeling that he's enjoying himself as he scares the crew. Given the fact that he's the one telling the story his body should reflect that. It seemed right to go with an intimidating pose, something that matched his facial expression, a pose where he would be trowing his arms up as he yelled to help scare the others. His chest and stomach would arch forward due to the arm motion and his back would arch. I gave cyclops claws just because it's Halloween so why not, I mean after all he is telling a scary story lol. 

As far as the background, I had the idea for the most part in my head, and I made the rest up as I painted as you can see in the video.