So I really have only been working on this painting for a few hrs over the span of a few weeks and we still have a lot of work to do but it's looking good so far. Right now we are in the ugly phase where the painting looks a bit odd because certain key features haven't been added yet. For example the eyebrows, and eye lashes. We still have a few more glaze layers to complete till her flesh is done. I'll be adding some details in those future layers along with changing some shading and highest along the way. 

Artist: Draw Me Something

Title: ?

Size: ?

Medium: Acrylics/Spray


Artist: Isaac Boyle

Title: -

Size: -

Mediums: -

W.I.P or Done: W.I.P

Artist: David Mondul

Title: -


Mediums: -

W.I.P or Done: Done