Ego's in graffiti are ridiculous as hell. It's something that's engraved in the graffiti lifestyle and culture.  Everything in graffiti tends to revolve around egos and it's stupid as hell. I get it though because I went through it. I used to think I was super dope, and I'v done my share of being an ass hole in the game but I got a huge wakeup call that I couldn't be more grateful for. I'v been doing graffiti for some time now, I'v hung around, and seen the best in the game and I'v met and seen hundreds of other writers come and go. When you're in this position you get to see graffiti in a very unique light, you get to see a very clear divide between the world class writers and the rest of them. You have all these world renown graffiti artists who are just having fun, just, hanging out, painting some walls doing it for the love of the art. They don't care about status, they don't care about who's king, legend or whatever. I mean sure they may throw the title around a bit but at the end of the day it's all about the art and the love for it and when you watch them socialize amongst themselves you see the one's who take it too serious, the ones with the egos are the ones the other fellow legends laugh at, they're the ones with no respect from the others on their level. They become a joke. You also learn who is full of shit, who really knows what they're talking about and who doesn't and most of all you get to see who the legends consider real legends and kings. However most writers don't get to see this, at least not this closely. 

 Once you start looking at your every day writers, they're all trying so hard to be the next Rasko, Mad C, Daim, JA, or whoever that they lose site of the love of the art. It becomes more about status, credibility, and their ego instead of being about having fun. If you talk to most writers now days, especially the younger ones all you hear is them trying to boost their ego when they haven't done much of anything and for those who have paid their dues think they're hot shit when in fact paying your dues is what's expected. You're not hot shit for doing what every other writer has done. Now having confidence isn't a problem but you have to draw the line somewhere and realize you still have a lot to learn and theirs so many others who are far better so you really have no reason to get on a high horse. 

Theirs a little saying that goes " To know, is to know you know nothing, that is the true meaning of knowledge" -Socrates

A smart man knows he's ignorant. A stupid man thinks he's smart. 

If you think you're hot shit, if you think you know your shit, then you're blind to all the things you don't know making you an idiot. If you're humble, if you know you're ignorant to all the things you can learn then you're the real smart one.