Almost died!

Graffiti is one hell of a lifestyle to live. I'v been almost hit by trains, almost fell through multiple roofs, nearly fell off of a tone of heaven spots and much more. I have to say, dying for graffiti, not worth it although I can't say it wasn't fun. I can look back on those times and laugh although in the moment I was shitting bricks. I remember one time, this power ranger (toy I mentored, inside joke lol) and I wanted to rock a spot but to get there we had to cross this extremely long train bridge. Oh it gets worse because this bridge goes over a highway not to mention the fact that it was extremely windy this day too. We tried walking on the narrow bridge but we almost fell off multiple times so our dumb asses decided to crawl across. Imagine how trapped we looked crawling  across a bridge with huge bags full of paint lmfao. Lets just say the whole crawling idea almost got us kill but we managed to make it out safely... We didn't even get to the spot -__-